Thursday, 5 November 2015

Banking and financial services technology world, unite!

IBS Intelligence has launched a new global platform – IBS Chat – dedicated to increasing conversation and knowledge sharing within the financial services industry as a whole.

IBS Chat aims to bring industry participants together to exchange views and ideas, ask and answer questions on all matters relating to banking and financial services technology.
It is an important milestone for IBS Intelligence as it grows to become the go-to international hub for the industry.

Connect and network, enquire, debate and discuss on our free IBS Chat global platform!

In the latest edition of the IBS Journal our editorial team brings you the latest news and developments in the front-to-back office software space worldwide and plenty of food for thought.

Will Sweden’s aspirations of going completely cashless (and becoming the first country to do so) result in the creation of an Orwellian society?

Should Westpac finally accept that its CSC Hogan system is hopelessly out of date and embark on core banking software renovation?

How many more start-up digital challenger banks – all promising to shake up the old-fashioned banking market – does the UK need, if any? How many of these hopefuls will actually reach the finish line and open for business? And how will they make money?

How does a bank combat the lack of the up-to-date skills and knowledge in the technology sector? Not long now and this dearth of talent will reach a critical point, many agree.

Digital transformation is on everyone’s agenda, but we all know it encompasses so much more than just technology. What are the steps to pull together the resources enterprise-wide and get the right message across?

As always, our team welcomes your views and feedback.

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